Learning curve…

Now I know it’s been said, by others more intelligent than me, but life is a learning curve.  This has been reinforced for me today as I try to develop the ‘look’ of this blog.  This afternoon I have tried out about 4 new themes, sorted colours, uploaded and deleted pictures and made changes to the title and tagline.  All randomly chosen and mostly still not right!  Who knew that there was so many options! I am not good at making decisions at the best of times, so this has tired me out!

Now fortified with one too many biscuits and a sneaky wee walnut whip (other chocolate delights are available) I can start to think about what to say today.

One of the first things that sprang to mind was that I should have posted a picture of my new jumper.  However, it’s getting dark, and I am wearing it – so will need to wait before taking pictures.  I am not very good about blocking my work and tend to get a bit over excited about wearing a new garment and just go for it if at all possible.

I spent some time yesterday thinking about how to reduce my stash and which projects to work on first.  I decided to work on a black wrap that I started in the summer.  I’m not sure what it’s for yet (present or keeping) but it’s not something I would normally knit.  It’s a fairly easy pattern but I’m not sure I am particularly enjoying knitting it.  It uses 2 strands of yarn held together.  I chose black so it would go with ‘everything’ but think I should have gone for a colour.

Now it’s never good to get bored with only one project on the go, so I dug out a short sleeved striped top that I started early in the year to have on the go as well.  Hopefully when finished this top will be well worn and loved.  It’s made with a 50% cotton yarn on 3mm needles and I am finding my hands are getting a bit sore as I have been used to knitting with 5 – 6mm needles for the last few weeks.

A great plan I thought, then the postie arrived with a new pack of patterns and yarn from a weekly part work I signed up for in a moment of madness.  It’s about half way through the publication and I now feel I can’t stop it.  The idea is that you get 2 balls of yarn and a few pages of patterns every week and you end up making a throw and a few cushions from knitted squares.  It is designed to teach people how to knit and crochet, so the knitting for me is fairly easy, but it has taught me how to crochet – so happy days!  Anyway, it also means that I have another thing on the needles to knit – a purple square  to add to the huge pile of squares already completed.


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