So thats how it happens!

My husband is started out life together a bit puzzled as to why I needed so many crafting supplies.  He now knows that things kept “just in case”, are sometimes useful!  But, after clearing out a cupboard full of yarn, and wondering what to do with all the boxes said yarn is now stored in, I am starting to wonder if I really need all this stuff!

In my last post, which was a shockingly long time ago, I explained how I had settled on two projects to concentrate on and therefore reduced my incomplete projects so I can work on reducing my stash of yarn.  You will be pleased to know that since then I have completed exactly none of the items and have not even completed one row of each.  I too am worried about the state of my crafting life, and the state of my will power.

I have a little excuse for not working on these things – I have been working on something else.  As a direct result of reading blogs, I found myself on ravelry, buying a pattern for a shawl, that I don’t need and instantly fell in love with.  Now, at this point, I should be linking to the pattern for the shawl and letting you all see quite how lovely it is – but that is a lesson I have not learned yet – maybe one day.  Of course, this new shawl meant that I needed to engineer a rather long trip with a very good – but non knitty friend – to a new (to me) wool haven in Pittenweem on the Fife coast (again a link would be good). The shop, named the Wooly brew, is somewhere I could live!  Yarn, notions, patterns, tea and cake! Is there more to life? Yarn purchased for the shawl, and a wee bit extra for some woolly installation I would like to be involved in, and some crochet packs to make washcloths (I tell myself they are for gifts, but at least one may end up being a gift for me).  A fantastic day was had with lovely cake, lots of chat, a project added to the really must do now I have the wool list, and the stash increased.

Of course, I haven’t started the shawl yet, as I have been making lots of little ‘hats’ for innocent smoothie bottle tops.  Daft but fun knitting and crocheting!


Lots of little hats lined up on the fireplace – good fun to make and hopefully helping to raise a little cash and a lots of awareness.  Helping older people keep warm in winter is tough.  So if you buy a smoothie bottle wearing a cosy hat, you will have helped 25p be donated to a good cause.


This is my favorite hat – I do like a bobble hat – just not on myself!

The making of these little wooly warmers also helped me reduce my stash – although not really by much, but every little helps, or so we are told!

So, back to the making of a stripy top and a black shawl/wrap – no!!  I have now started making crochet corsages, and maybe some santa hat egg cosies if I can get the pattern right for a friends PTA christmas fayre – more yarn stash reduction!!! Er, no – ended up in wool shop buying more yarn to get the ‘right’ look for the flower corsage, and in another shop stocking up on buttons for the middles.

So thats how it happens, thats how my to do list ends up longer everyday, and the yarn (and every other craft) stash gets bigger.


This is the 2nd on the two jumpers I made for the winter.  This one is soooooo cozy and really easy to wear with jeans for keeping warm on out now of so frosty days.  Its made from Twilleys freedom purity eco chunky and was lovely to knit with.


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