On a dark and rainy January day …

Good evening!

I don’t think it really got light here today, and for that I am struggling a bit.

It’s been a busy day today, one of those where you could do with another 4 or 5 hours to get everything done!

It has also been a lovely day, as I have been able to do many of my most favorite things!

First was the meeting this morning with some lovely people who are becoming friends, with tea and biscuits of course!  Then the shopping! First for embroidery threads and some material to back a cross stitch cushion.

DSC_0003 Its  a much busier pattern than I was going for, but the colours are the best match, and to be honest, I sort of fell in love with it, which is going to be difficult, as the cushion is not for me!

Then on to the bead shop! I cannot tell you how much I love this place! www.beadcrazy.co.uk  The only thing is, I spend more money that I intend to – every time I go in!

DSC_0002 These lovely little sparkly beads were on special offer – seemed rude not to bring some home!

DSC_0001 And this little pile of beads seemed essential at the time! Not the mention the lovely fixings leathers and sparkly things that I ‘needed’ to create ‘stuff’.

All that remains is for me to settle down to another of my favorite things – making stuff!  But not until the chores are done, ah well maybe another day, but beads and people have really helped brighten my dark and rainy January day.