The start of a new start!

Today I have finally set up my shop on Folksy.  At the moment, there is exactly nothing in it, but I have, after about 9 months of ‘meaning to do it’ I have finally gone and done it!!

It’s quite exciting really! 

Now all I need to do is dig out some of the things I have already made to sell, get them photographed and get them listed on the brand spanking new shop that is mine all mine on folksy.

Okay, so actually taking the photos will be a challenge and listing them with this old beast of a computer will be tricky, and then, well someone will need to want to buy them or all I will do is pour money in to Folksy for listing fees and make not one penny out of it, but, it is the start of a new start.

I have taken the first step in the road to a (hopefully) better, more peaceful life of crafting and making.

For any interested parties, the shop is named Tickbox Crafts, I had spent ages trying to come up with a good name, and my husband settled on one much more quickly, and strangely it suits!

Right, off to find that digital camera, of and some sunshine to take pictures of my wares (craft wares of course) so I can once more join the ranks of those of you who actually make some money!


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