It really is lovely to see the sun!  Lovely bright light and just a little bit of warmth in the air!

It does your soul and body good as the seasons turn and flowers pop their heads above the ground.

Sort of with this in mind and sort of because I have a cold which just wont quit – I found myself online looking at the lovely designs by Kate Davies.  As it’s spring, I felt I had to buy the Peerie floors hat kit – alas, sold out it was.  So I brooded for a couple of days and returned to the website katedaviesdesigns and bought BMC – Betty Mowat Cowl kit.  It arrived today! Sooooo exciting!  The wool and the colours are truly lovely, but the instructions, a little daunting.  So on to the internet I went.  I will be looking at tutorials on no purl garter stitch and cockleshell lace.

On an update note – no progress on the black shawl wrap, and very little on the navy and blue jumper, although there has been more flower corsages, a crochet toddler blanket and a pile of square for a blanket for charity.

This lovely sunshine has made cross stitching easier too! Good progress has been made in to a picture of an orchid which I have wanted to make for a long time and which I am not so sure about now – maybe when it’s done it will inspire me to love it again.


Right, on to the learning instead of nattering and seeking out new patterns!


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