Sorry – how long?

Well it would seem that it has been almost exactly 3 years since I last wrote a thing on here!!

I’ve just read the other posts and I’m pretty glad there are not more of them!!

In the last 3 years so much and also nothing has changed!! I’m still a craft addict, I still love cake, I still haven’t finished the blue and white jumper.  I have binned the black wrap thing – it was awful, and my cream carpet will never be the same again!

I’m now a Mum to two boys, aged 4 and nearly 6, and I’ve finally converted to the religion I identified with as a teenager!

So everything is basically the same, and at the same time so totally different!

Baking and crafting time is slotted in between the school run and toddler tantrums. God is more of a presence in my home and I will never, ever get to the end of my to do list again! Ever!

One thing that hasn’t changed is that I love to read other blogs – more than I like to write them it seems.  One post I read this week encouraged me to think about faith community, about how we interact with others around us and how to increase and improve our faith family that is active in our life now! Great! Fantastic! I wanna go spend time with other families who feel the same as me – but – I don’t live in America and I don’t know how to do it here (Scotland), so, if you know, let me know!

So, to all you Scottish based family types who love God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit – come on over, bring the kids the kettle is on and there is cake in the tin!


It really is lovely to see the sun!  Lovely bright light and just a little bit of warmth in the air!

It does your soul and body good as the seasons turn and flowers pop their heads above the ground.

Sort of with this in mind and sort of because I have a cold which just wont quit – I found myself online looking at the lovely designs by Kate Davies.  As it’s spring, I felt I had to buy the Peerie floors hat kit – alas, sold out it was.  So I brooded for a couple of days and returned to the website katedaviesdesigns and bought BMC – Betty Mowat Cowl kit.  It arrived today! Sooooo exciting!  The wool and the colours are truly lovely, but the instructions, a little daunting.  So on to the internet I went.  I will be looking at tutorials on no purl garter stitch and cockleshell lace.

On an update note – no progress on the black shawl wrap, and very little on the navy and blue jumper, although there has been more flower corsages, a crochet toddler blanket and a pile of square for a blanket for charity.

This lovely sunshine has made cross stitching easier too! Good progress has been made in to a picture of an orchid which I have wanted to make for a long time and which I am not so sure about now – maybe when it’s done it will inspire me to love it again.


Right, on to the learning instead of nattering and seeking out new patterns!

The start of a new start!

Today I have finally set up my shop on Folksy.  At the moment, there is exactly nothing in it, but I have, after about 9 months of ‘meaning to do it’ I have finally gone and done it!!

It’s quite exciting really! 

Now all I need to do is dig out some of the things I have already made to sell, get them photographed and get them listed on the brand spanking new shop that is mine all mine on folksy.

Okay, so actually taking the photos will be a challenge and listing them with this old beast of a computer will be tricky, and then, well someone will need to want to buy them or all I will do is pour money in to Folksy for listing fees and make not one penny out of it, but, it is the start of a new start.

I have taken the first step in the road to a (hopefully) better, more peaceful life of crafting and making.

For any interested parties, the shop is named Tickbox Crafts, I had spent ages trying to come up with a good name, and my husband settled on one much more quickly, and strangely it suits!

Right, off to find that digital camera, of and some sunshine to take pictures of my wares (craft wares of course) so I can once more join the ranks of those of you who actually make some money!

On a dark and rainy January day …

Good evening!

I don’t think it really got light here today, and for that I am struggling a bit.

It’s been a busy day today, one of those where you could do with another 4 or 5 hours to get everything done!

It has also been a lovely day, as I have been able to do many of my most favorite things!

First was the meeting this morning with some lovely people who are becoming friends, with tea and biscuits of course!  Then the shopping! First for embroidery threads and some material to back a cross stitch cushion.

DSC_0003 Its  a much busier pattern than I was going for, but the colours are the best match, and to be honest, I sort of fell in love with it, which is going to be difficult, as the cushion is not for me!

Then on to the bead shop! I cannot tell you how much I love this place!  The only thing is, I spend more money that I intend to – every time I go in!

DSC_0002 These lovely little sparkly beads were on special offer – seemed rude not to bring some home!

DSC_0001 And this little pile of beads seemed essential at the time! Not the mention the lovely fixings leathers and sparkly things that I ‘needed’ to create ‘stuff’.

All that remains is for me to settle down to another of my favorite things – making stuff!  But not until the chores are done, ah well maybe another day, but beads and people have really helped brighten my dark and rainy January day.

So thats how it happens!

My husband is started out life together a bit puzzled as to why I needed so many crafting supplies.  He now knows that things kept “just in case”, are sometimes useful!  But, after clearing out a cupboard full of yarn, and wondering what to do with all the boxes said yarn is now stored in, I am starting to wonder if I really need all this stuff!

In my last post, which was a shockingly long time ago, I explained how I had settled on two projects to concentrate on and therefore reduced my incomplete projects so I can work on reducing my stash of yarn.  You will be pleased to know that since then I have completed exactly none of the items and have not even completed one row of each.  I too am worried about the state of my crafting life, and the state of my will power.

I have a little excuse for not working on these things – I have been working on something else.  As a direct result of reading blogs, I found myself on ravelry, buying a pattern for a shawl, that I don’t need and instantly fell in love with.  Now, at this point, I should be linking to the pattern for the shawl and letting you all see quite how lovely it is – but that is a lesson I have not learned yet – maybe one day.  Of course, this new shawl meant that I needed to engineer a rather long trip with a very good – but non knitty friend – to a new (to me) wool haven in Pittenweem on the Fife coast (again a link would be good). The shop, named the Wooly brew, is somewhere I could live!  Yarn, notions, patterns, tea and cake! Is there more to life? Yarn purchased for the shawl, and a wee bit extra for some woolly installation I would like to be involved in, and some crochet packs to make washcloths (I tell myself they are for gifts, but at least one may end up being a gift for me).  A fantastic day was had with lovely cake, lots of chat, a project added to the really must do now I have the wool list, and the stash increased.

Of course, I haven’t started the shawl yet, as I have been making lots of little ‘hats’ for innocent smoothie bottle tops.  Daft but fun knitting and crocheting!


Lots of little hats lined up on the fireplace – good fun to make and hopefully helping to raise a little cash and a lots of awareness.  Helping older people keep warm in winter is tough.  So if you buy a smoothie bottle wearing a cosy hat, you will have helped 25p be donated to a good cause.


This is my favorite hat – I do like a bobble hat – just not on myself!

The making of these little wooly warmers also helped me reduce my stash – although not really by much, but every little helps, or so we are told!

So, back to the making of a stripy top and a black shawl/wrap – no!!  I have now started making crochet corsages, and maybe some santa hat egg cosies if I can get the pattern right for a friends PTA christmas fayre – more yarn stash reduction!!! Er, no – ended up in wool shop buying more yarn to get the ‘right’ look for the flower corsage, and in another shop stocking up on buttons for the middles.

So thats how it happens, thats how my to do list ends up longer everyday, and the yarn (and every other craft) stash gets bigger.


This is the 2nd on the two jumpers I made for the winter.  This one is soooooo cozy and really easy to wear with jeans for keeping warm on out now of so frosty days.  Its made from Twilleys freedom purity eco chunky and was lovely to knit with.

Learning curve…

Now I know it’s been said, by others more intelligent than me, but life is a learning curve.  This has been reinforced for me today as I try to develop the ‘look’ of this blog.  This afternoon I have tried out about 4 new themes, sorted colours, uploaded and deleted pictures and made changes to the title and tagline.  All randomly chosen and mostly still not right!  Who knew that there was so many options! I am not good at making decisions at the best of times, so this has tired me out!

Now fortified with one too many biscuits and a sneaky wee walnut whip (other chocolate delights are available) I can start to think about what to say today.

One of the first things that sprang to mind was that I should have posted a picture of my new jumper.  However, it’s getting dark, and I am wearing it – so will need to wait before taking pictures.  I am not very good about blocking my work and tend to get a bit over excited about wearing a new garment and just go for it if at all possible.

I spent some time yesterday thinking about how to reduce my stash and which projects to work on first.  I decided to work on a black wrap that I started in the summer.  I’m not sure what it’s for yet (present or keeping) but it’s not something I would normally knit.  It’s a fairly easy pattern but I’m not sure I am particularly enjoying knitting it.  It uses 2 strands of yarn held together.  I chose black so it would go with ‘everything’ but think I should have gone for a colour.

Now it’s never good to get bored with only one project on the go, so I dug out a short sleeved striped top that I started early in the year to have on the go as well.  Hopefully when finished this top will be well worn and loved.  It’s made with a 50% cotton yarn on 3mm needles and I am finding my hands are getting a bit sore as I have been used to knitting with 5 – 6mm needles for the last few weeks.

A great plan I thought, then the postie arrived with a new pack of patterns and yarn from a weekly part work I signed up for in a moment of madness.  It’s about half way through the publication and I now feel I can’t stop it.  The idea is that you get 2 balls of yarn and a few pages of patterns every week and you end up making a throw and a few cushions from knitted squares.  It is designed to teach people how to knit and crochet, so the knitting for me is fairly easy, but it has taught me how to crochet – so happy days!  Anyway, it also means that I have another thing on the needles to knit – a purple square  to add to the huge pile of squares already completed.

Getting Started!

Okay, I have been reading other peoples blogs for a wee while and thought I would give it a go!

Only thing is, I have spent ages deciding on a title, and am not sure it’s any good.  And if I can’t come up with a good title, will I have anything good to say?

I like to knit, I like to sew, I like to bake (and eat) and I like to moan, but, I LOVE to talk.

During the summer I started tidying the house a bit, my craft cupboard appears to have exploded and taken over the spare room not to mention the cupboard it is meant to be contained in.  So, I have begun work on completing my WIPs and on reducing my craft stash.  This I have commenced, by buying wool and patterns for 2 new jumpers – oops!  Never fear, the second jumper was completed this morning and I can now work on completing some of the unfinished projects lurking behind the door.  I am concentrating on knitting at the moment, although there are a number of unfinished cross stitch projects hiding in the cupboard and that material for the blind for the top of the stairs.  If this winter is as long as last winter, I might get some of the things finished!  Wish me luck!